Get up and slouch off upstairs, calculating how much effort to put into excuses, and how much on homework. No Latin ‘til Monday; a relief. History is a snap. Should be able to bluff it. That is where outside reading comes in handy. Just compare whatever the topic is to something in a book. Is that so hard? The Civil War? Dickens or somebody. English on the bus. Algebra at recess. Angle for some help there, call in some chits.

Turn on my wood-grained RCA radio and wait for it to warm up. Too early for Alex Bennett on WMCA. Settle for Rosko on WNEW, who will put me in a good mood. He is spinning some Coltrane, “Greensleeves,” which I recognize from “How the West Was Won,” and Jeff Beck’s “Truth.” Crappy flick, but a bit of work for the old man, a hired gun for the studios. He and my godfather, who is general counsel of National Theatre, are duking it out with Cinerama over the widescreen trade. A Cinerama flop is as good as a Cinemiracle hit. “How the West Was Won” is no hit. Doesn’t break even. No one talks about Cinemiracle, but “Windjammer” has its moments, and it drew my godfather out to Syosset from Bronxville, something of a miracle right there.

Moved by “Greensleeves,” one of the few diverting moments in a long, tedious movie. Sometimes we sing it in church. Its keening melody makes me feel less alone. Coltrane nails it. Hard to believe that he lived in Huntington, that is so cool. His death is still sinking in because of disk jockeys like Rosko, Ed Beach and Van Jay of WRVR, playing albums like Giant Steps and Blue Trane. Lot of tape-recorders seeing action these days, as rare recordings get aired. PK-radio in Bridgeport on a clear evening. Couple of hours of Rosko and WRVR, then Alex Bennett at twelve. That is my homework for tonight.


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